Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Finally Viewed the Original!

We have been waiting for this day...Wednesday at 11:00
to see the powerful painting which is also Ireland's favorite.
Waiting for the black doors to open...

Once unveiled, we were very surprised photos were allowed (without flash of course).
Have you ever had an experience where you have seen, heard or read something that literally changed you as a person?


Amanda Rice said...

My name is Amanda Rice and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I commented on your blog closer to the beginning of the semester. I am glad you are enjoying your trip to Ireland. I never knew that some painting had certain viewing hours for limited light exposure. I'm glad they let you take a picture of it. It looks awesome in the picture, I could only imagine how much better it would look in person. Your question that you posted under the picture,I would have to say yes. There have been a few things throughout my life that I have read, seen, or heard that has changed my life. I cannot think of a certain example at the moment, but I know that it has happened.

Chelsea Calvert said...

Hi my name is Chelsea Calvert. I am in EDM 310 and I'm also in your tuesday class. I am glad to see your enjoying your trip. This picture is amazing. There are so many thing that I have seen in life that have changed me. I believe you are formed by the things around you.

Gina Phillips said...

This is the most beautiful and moving work of art I have seen in a very long time. It is exactly what art should be - meaningful. I can only imagine what is looked like in person.

At my age I have seen, heard and read many things that changed me as a person. The most meaningful thing I have ever seen was when I was 22 years old and I saw my daddy grab my mother in a huge bear hug and kiss her - I mean REALLY kiss her. It was something I have never seen before. It moved me to tears. It also changed me. They had experienced a lot of turmoil up to that point and I knew that they were willing to work through it all. They had been married for 25 years that year. They have been married 46 years this year.

Paige Vitulli said...

Your life-changing event is so beautiful! I sure hope you have shared that with them.

Emily Jeanminette EDM310 said...

The color is amazing and the painting is very vivid and detailed compared to other water colors that I have seen. I love the vibe that emanates from this painting. It's so romantic and hidden. It seems appropriate to be hidden behind the black doors. Not only to preserve its quality but because the moment seems so private. I LOVE it.

Paige Vitulli said...

Great point Emily; the "hidden" aspect of the painting accentuates the story it tells. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Vitulli,

Ahh I love it!It's the painting you were talking about in class, behind the black doors. It definitely has very brilliant blue and red, that would definitely lead me to swear it wasn't a watercolor. That's awesome! Glad you enjoyed your experience.

Kristy Powell

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! I can't imagine the anticipation you must have felt waiting for something so wonderful to be revealed!!! And the extra surprise that you could take photos!!! A great day, for you, I am sure! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jacqueline Joiner
EDU 301