Sunday, October 28, 2012

4. And Finally: St. Patrick the Teacher

Upon arrival, I was immediately intrigued by the sculpture outside St. Patrick's College: St Patrick the Teacher by sculptor Maurice Harron.

The following is the only information I can find on this sculpture. Can you find out more? 

According to the 2010-2011 St. Patrick's College Annual report: "On 13 March, a statue of ‘St Patrick the Teacher’ by renowned sculptor Maurice Harron was blessed following the weekly Children’s Mass in the College Chapel. The sculpture was commissioned in memory of Fr Eamonn Cowan, CM, Chaplain of the College and St Patrick’s Boys NS from 1997 until shortly before he passed away in January 2009. The statue is erected outside the College Chapel, facing eastwards towards the community in Drumcondra."

What makes a good teacher?


Ardriana said...

Hi, I think the statue is amazing. It is a neat. I Googled the statue myself and tried to find more information, but only came across you guys blog and St. Patrick's biography. Thanks for sharing the lovely picture and I will update you on my search. THANKS!

Susan Santoli said...

Please let us know!

Emily Alford said...

This is so interesting... and very hard to find any information on. I could not even find this piece of work on Maurice Harron's website. I wonder why?

Susan Santoli said...

We don't know either!

Kayla Walker said...

I enjoyed reading the information provided about St.Patrick the Teacher by Maurice Harron. The statue is very interesting, and makes me want to know more. I tried to find more information, but I came to this blog and photo only.

What makes a good teacher?
In my opinion a good teacher is made up of learning from failure. The best teachers have made mistakes and learn from them each and every time. The students in the classroom can teach so much if the time is taken to listen.

Kayla Walker
University of South Alabama EDM 310 Student

Stephanie Gomillion said...

I'm Stephanie, a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. We're assigned to a blog every week to read and comment on. For me this week was this post; I really liked it! I love art, paintings, sculptures, etc. and I searched Google for more information and found nothing! I'm baffled as to why there is no other information about this sculpture. I'd like to know what it's made of. When I searched the artist I did see more sculptures from him and he uses a lot of the same look. Here's a link to his web page and it gives you a button to click on Fr Eamon Martin but when I clicked on it, it didn't work. But I hope you guys had a blast in Ireland! I'd love to visit there!!

Thank you,
Stephanie Gomillion

Paige Vitulli said...

St. Patrick the Teacher looks as though it is made from copper. It is quite stunning and captured my attention immediately from across the campus. I will continue the search for more info!

Anna Zhuo said...

Hello! My name is Anna Zhuo and I'm a student in EDM310 and EDU301 at the University of South Alabama!

I was assigned to comment on this post in EDM310 before it was changed. I found it interesting so I came back to it to fulfill my assignment for EDU301.

I tried doing some more research but it is strange that I cannot find any information about this statue! I can't even find pictures! Why is that? That is so odd! It became a challenge!!! I am still trying to find more information. Maybe I need to start typing in Irish on Google! It just amazes me that there's little to no information lurking around the web.

And the search continues ...

-Anna Zhuo

Kasey Mooney said...

This statue looks amazing. It definitely captured my attention. It is just so beautiful.

For your question: "What makes a good teacher?"

I would have to say love. You have to love what you do. Your students will be able to tell if you enjoy what you are doing or not. They will not enjoy learning from you if you do not enjoy teaching them. There has to be a passion to teach and to learn. We never stop learning and I think that should be conveyed to the students we teach. No matter how much we thing we know, there is always room for more. So showing our students that we love teaching and learning, I feel, will in return spark something on the inside of them. I want to make a lasting impression on my students when I begin teaching. :)
Thanks for the post!
Kasey Mooney