Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Developing the “Other” Literacy: How Visual Arts have the Potential to Deepen Student Understanding

Among our many "Eyes on Ireland" activities at the end of October, Susan and I will be presenting a workshop at the Ireland International Conference on Education.
Interactive session on using visual literacy strategies and visual images to improve comprehension of content. Benefits include developing deeper student writing and thinking, addressing diverse learning styles/levels.
More to come...



Daniel Morgan said...

Hello Dr. Vitulli and Santoli,

My name is Daniel Morgan and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 Class. It must be exciting going to Ireland to instruct other teachers about the use of visual arts and how it effects understanding. This is important work, and I am proud to say that two professors from my school are willing to go so far to make a difference. I also looked at the link you provided and it looks like both of you will be busy. I can't wait to read more about your trip. Have fun!

Susan Santoli said...

Hi, Daniel. Thanks for posting. We have gotten to combine work with fun, which is great combination. Our presentation is today, so we are hoping it goes well!

Jessie Holder said...
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Jessie Holder said...

Hello Dr. Santoli and Vitulli,

First of all, I hope that your presentation goes swimmingly! I have read many of your posts and I am very excited to see representatives form the university I attend so far from the security of their desks. That they have embarked on a course I would love to follow! I am proud, like Daniel, to say that I am part of this University and part of Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. Besides the jealousy that coursed from your team seeing Kevin Abosch's visual art, I am also excited to become even more jealous from more to come! Again, good luck on your presentation and have a safe journey back to Alabama.


Keely Smith said...

Hello Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santoli,

I am a student in EDM310 and EDU 301. I am proud that we have professors representing our school all the way in Ireland. I hope that your presentation went well. I have looked over this blog and I love that you guys are sharing your passion with the world. I am in total agreement that incorporating arts in the classroom will deepen student's thinking! I hope that your guys enjoyed your trip.

Dr. Vitulli, I hope that you have pictures and stories to share with our class!

Keely Smith

Josh Adkison said...

Hello Dr. Vitulli and Santoli,

I am also in EDM 310, and agree with most of what everyone else has said. It is great to know we are being represented well in Ireland. I've really enjoyed reading your blog (especially the part about the food). Ireland is a place I've always wanted to visit, so seeing your blog has deepened that interest for me.